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new gutter helmet installation in South & North Carolina

The ladder is a gutter cleaning staple. This device is dispensable, though. It may be hard to remove the debris without being able to locate them first, but it can be done.

Today, Carolina Gutter Helmet & More talks about the tools you can use to clean your gutters without having to move to your roofing system up close.

A Leak Blower

With a nozzle attachment, a garden-variety leaf blower can be an effective tool to get rid of the dry dead foliage resting in your gutters. The caveat is that wind-blown leaves could litter your yard. While you may be able to clean your roof’s drain pipes successfully, you will have to deal with another tedious chore later on.

Moreover, using a leaf blower could cause roof debris buildup. When leaves end in tricky places in the rooftop like valleys, the stray vegetation will be much more difficult to remove. When left unaddressed, the forgotten leaves can attract moisture, damaged shingles, and eventually require a roof repair.

A Vacuum

The vacuum’s edge over the leaf blower is it can contain the pieces of debris it sucks in a bag or its chamber to render disposal simpler. However, this tool has its limitations. It can’t get rid of all the gunk in the gutters, so it can’t guarantee 100% cleanliness.

A Power Washer

We all know how effective power washers can be. The problem is that it poses danger to anyone near it, especially to its user. A single rookie mistake could send someone to the emergency room or destroy a part of your property.

A Gutter Cleaning Applicator

This device is invented to wipe gutter surfaces from the ground. It may only be used for the underside of drain pipes, though, because of the location of gutter covers. Furthermore, certain gutter cleaning applicators are designed for specific gutter styles. Buying and using the wrong product will be a waste of money, time and energy.

All of the said tools are inefficient to some extent. If you want to get the job done quickly and correctly, call Carolina Gutter Helmet & More for professional cleaning service instead. Contact us at 864-303-5955 to get a free estimate in Greenville or Spartanburg, SC, or reach us through 972.427.4418 if you live in Columbia, SC.