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Gutter installation by Carolina Gutter Helmet

The effectiveness of a gutter system depends on the performance of its downspouts. When one is not working, some or all of your gutters may become inefficient and pave the way for water infiltration and property damage.

As the local authority on gutter, roofing and window replacement, Carolina Gutter Helmet & More talks about the most viable solutions to the following causes of downspout malfunction and underperformance:


Gutter protection is the ultimate answer to clogging. Hood gutter guards like Gutter Helmet dramatically reduces the chances of debris buildup. Being completely opaque, such products have no surface gaps the leaves, twigs and pine needles could use to get into the gutters and downspouts.

Furthermore, going seamless is a viable proposition. Unmarred drain pipes contain no ridges insides, so they do not trap any detritus that can add up and form blockages.

Inadequate Length

Like windows, downspouts must have the proper size to do their job properly. The longer they are, the better they can direct rainwater away from the house. Downspout extensions are a worthy investment.

Insufficient Width

The inability of a downspout to drain water in a safe manner as quickly as possible can spell doom for the entire gutter system. Downspouts with larger openings can not only improve the flow of liquid but also give trapped debris more room to get out.

Low Quantity

The design and size of your roof (and awnings) as well as the amount of rain you expect to get every year influence the ideal number of downspouts your house should have. Let an experienced pro have a look at your gutter system in order to tell whether you have a shortage of drain pipes to accommodate your expected runoff.

Turn to a reputable gutter troubleshooter like Carolina Gutter Helmet & More to put an end to your downspout dilemmas. Call us at 864-303-5955 to discuss your situation and get a free estimate in Columbia or Greenville, SC.