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Signs You Need a New Roof

Your home’s roof can suffer extensive wear and tear from being exposed to years of sun, rain, wind and other harsh weather conditions. However, it can be difficult for a homeowner to judge when a roof is at the end of its useful life, or whether roof repairs from a qualified Spartanburg, SC roofer like Carolina Gutter Helmet and Roofing can extend its life a few more years.


Repair or Replace?

When we conduct a roof inspection, we use a comprehensive checklist of items to assess its condition. The following issues can indicate the need for replacement.

  • Worn, cracked, curled, or missing shingles or tiles
  • Numerous leaks
  • Streaks or stains along the home’s exterior walls
  • Excessive mold or moss growth on the roof surface
  • Loose or missing flashing around vents and chimneys
  • Sagging or staining on underside of roof decking

Many people don’t realize they have roofing problems until their ceiling leaks or puddles appear on the floor. Only then will they call a Columbia SC roofing contractor – but it may already be too late. Don’t make an important judgment about the condition of your home’s roof without first consulting with the professional Columbia SC roofers at Carolina Gutter Helmet and Roofing. Experts agree that you should have your roof inspected by a qualified roofing Greenville SC contractors at least every three to five years.

Find Out If You Need a New Chapin, SC Roof

Carolina Gutter Helmet and Roofing can conduct a thorough inspection and assessment of your roof and provide a detailed report on its condition. We’ll then work with you to decide if a replacement is necessary, or if we can make repairs to extend the life of your roof. Contact Carolina Gutter Helmet and Roofing to schedule a professional inspection of your home’s roof.

Trust Professional Tryon, NC Roofing Contractors

Make sure your home’s roof is ready to protect you from the elements. Contact Carolina Gutter Helmet and Roofing for a free estimate today by calling 864-303-5955 or completing our online quote request form.

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