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 Carolina Gutter Helmet‘s Frequently Asked Questions

When considering Gutter Helmet® for your home, you may have questions about what to expect from an installation or what benefits these gutter guards offer. Carolina Gutter Helmet understands your need for answers when it comes to investing in home improvement to ensure your money is well-spent. As trusted and certified dealers and installers of Gutter Helmet® products in North and South Carolina, we prioritize your satisfaction in every job. That commitment also applies to providing the information you need to make an educated decision about enlisting our services. On this page, we answer some of the more common questions people have about Gutter Helmet’s® outstanding gutter guards. Please take a moment to review the answers, and if you still have questions, you can give us a call to learn more.

Can you install Gutter Helmet® when a roof has solar panels?

You can, and Gutter Helmet® will help prevent your solar roof from getting damaged. As an integral part of a roof protection system, these gutter guards keep water from backing up onto your roof. You could have solar panels or solar shingles atop your home, and Gutter Helmet® helps you protect your investment.

Do I need Gutter Helmet® if my yard doesn’t have any trees?

You might not have trees in your yard, but debris can still find its way into your gutters. Your neighbors’ trees and gardens have leaves and blossoms that can get blown by the wind and accumulate inside your gutters. Even tiny debris, such as needles, pollen, and decaying roof shingles can build up, and small insects and animals may still want to nest in your gutters. Regardless of the trees and plant life in your yard, your gutters are still exposed to elements that can settle and clog your gutters, so protecting them with Gutter Helmet® makes sense.

Will Gutter Helmet® work on my oversized gutters (6″ K-style)?

K-style gutters have become a popular choice for homes throughout the country because they give them an attractive, finished look. This style of gutter also has more rounded areas on the inside that allow debris to accumulate easily. Another unfortunate feature of these gutters is they’re more difficult to clean. Luckily, Gutter Helmet® fits on various types of gutters, including K-style, which ensures you get the necessary protection. It also prevents ants, birds, and squirrels from building their nests inside your gutters.

How do gutter guards from Gutter Helmet;® keep carpenter ants from breeding inside my gutters?

Carpenter ants are a dangerous insect to have breeding in your home. This pesky ant can compromise your siding’s integrity, so you need a long-term solution to prevent this issue. Gutter Helmet® reduces moist debris and other animal-attracting buildup in your gutters, which minimizes how likely an animal or insect will build their nest. With properly working gutters, your siding also stays dry. Carpenter ants are attracted to damp, rotten wood, so keeping your siding in good condition helps to deter them.

What is a “nose-forward” design, and how important is it?

Gutter Helmet’s® nose-forward design ensures that leaves and debris fall right off the edge of your gutter covers while water rolls into your gutters and drains away from your house. The end of the cover extends past the rest of your gutter system. Debris can’t simply slide into your gutters. Instead, it falls off the end of the cover and to the ground.

Will birds and squirrels nest in my gutters when I have Gutter Helmet®?

A common reason to install Gutter Helmet®; at your home is its exceptional job at preventing birds and squirrels from building a nest in your gutters. When sticks and leaves build up in your gutters, these animals may seize the opportunity to build their home. With Gutter Helmet® preventing debris from accumulating, that temptation gets eliminated. Additionally, the design of these gutter covers prevents these animals from getting into your gutters.

What is Gutter Helmet’s® Triple Lifetime Warranty?

With this warranty from Gutter Helmet®, you get lifetime protection for your gutters in three different ways. Starting with your purchase of Gutter Helmet®, the warranty covers you against defective workmanship and materials. The performance of your gutters is also guaranteed. Thirdly, these warranties transfer from you to the next owner of your home so that they will be just as satisfied.

Can Gutter Helmet® help to prevent water from running between the gutter and the fascia board?

Many of the troubles you have with your gutters involve clogging and backed-up water from leaves, sticks, and other debris. When the water backs up, your gutters overflow. The water often finds its way down your house’s siding and into your landscaping. Down the fascia board is another area where the water can flow. When you install Gutter Helmet®, these covers protect your gutters from the debris that clogs them. This prevents water from backing up and leaking down your siding and fascia board.

Never Clean Your Gutters Again®