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Beautiful Home with gutter installation

Wood rot as a result of water damage is one of the most prevalent problems in many homes. It manifests in every part of the house that has wood in it, such as the walls, the roof, and the windows and doors.

While it’s easy to pin the blame on Mother Nature, clogged gutters are actually the number one cause of wood rot, which is why it’s vital to invest in effective gutter protection. Carolina Gutter Helmet and More explains why in this post.

Gutters and Wood Rot

The main role of the gutters is to properly divert water coming from the roof away from your home. When it’s clogged, the water will spill to the side, splashing on the roof’s edge and will eventually travel downward to the walls and all the way to the foundation.

More often than not, the water will settle and accumulate on certain portions as it makes its way down, such as on the “lines” of the siding. More often than not, the water will enter the wooden parts where it will accumulate and eventually cause rot.

Why Do Clogs Happen?

Clogging happens in two ways: it’s either a result of too much debris build-up or if gutters that aren’t angled toward the downspout properly. Houses closer to trees are also more susceptible to this problem.

Addressing the Issue

Maintenance-free gutters are achievable, but the way to do it takes more than just clearing the leaves and clog from the gutters. A more preventive approach is necessary if you want your home to be completely safe from wood rot as a result of clogged gutters.

With Gutter Helmet®, you never have to clean your gutters again. It uses surface tension to bar anything but water from entering gutters, keeping it clean and clog-free regardless of the weather. You’ll never have to worry about clogged gutters causing wood rot in your home ever again.

Carolina Gutter Helmet and More is ready to install these effective gutter guards in your home. Call us today at 864-303-5955 or 972.427.4418 to learn more about our services. We install gutter protection in Chapin and Spartanburg, SC, and Tryon, NC.