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Ashphalt shingles roofing

An asphalt shingle roof replacement can be a costly undertaking. You may not escape the expense, but you can minimize your outlay with sound budgeting.

Today, Carolina Gutter Helmet and More shares expert tips to keep you from running into any financial trouble during your roofing project:

Know What You Can Afford

Be honest with how much money you can, or are willing to, spend. Asphalt shingles may be the most economical roofing products on the market, but the price points for them can still vary greatly. Knowing your limit right from the start will help you narrow your viable options.

If your cash reserve won’t suffice, seek financing options to access more funds. At Carolina Gutter Helmet and More, we help our customers buy a new roof on credit to address any budgetary concerns.

Go Beyond Materials

Avoid focusing on the material cost alone. Account for other essential expenses, such as to permit application and labor, to work out as accurate a budget as possible.

Don’t Forgo the Necessary

Excluding some accessories or using fewer materials is an effective way to drive down your expenses, but it’s not ideal. An incomplete roofing system can be more prone to damage since it lacks all of the components to inhibit leakage and protect the sheathing.

Understand what every part does to assess each one’s overall value. For instance, gutter covers are important because they help lower the chances of ice damming, among other issues.

Place No Placeholders

Eliminate allowances and undetermined items, in the bid to make sure you get a reliable ballpark estimate. Leaving some material choices undecided makes for a “guesstimate,” not an estimate.

Prepare for Contingencies

Produce a contingency budget equivalent to 10% to 20% of the estimate. This way, you can absorb any additional expenses to address “unknown” or surprise problems along the way. Running out of funds midway through the construction can stall your project.

Avoid Change Orders As Much As Possible

As with a roof repair, try not to alter the original plan when tackling a replacement project. Sometimes it’s absolutely necessary to squeeze in certain work along the way to overcome structural challenges. However, executing a change order to have a different roofing product may be unnecessary, time-wasting and costly.

Turn to Carolina Gutter Helmet and More to plan your roof replacement without going over budget. Call us at 864-303-5955 or 972.427.4418. You can fill out our contact form for a free estimate. We serve clients in Greenville, Columbia or Spartanburg, SC.