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Practical Advantages of Gutter Helmet SnapLock

The Gutter Helmet® seamless gutter system ensures proper drainage in many ways, and one of them is SnapLock™. This attachment method helps prevent water leakage and other all-too-common gutter problems.

In a nutshell, here are the three main things SnapLock does that help Carolina Gutter Helmet and More offer almost maintenance-free gutters:

It Eliminates Penetrations

First of all, this technology doesn’t involve the use of nails or screws. It allows the gutters to be clipped to the roofline without punching a hole in the fascia boards. No holes mean no penetrations, which makes it harder for the water to seep into the roof.

If you’re retrofitting your roofing system with Gutter Helmet seamless gutters with gutter protection, your roof warranty wouldn’t be voided. Your asphalt shingle installer or manufacturer might refuse to cover any leak-related product failure when new holes are drilled into anywhere your roof.

It Helps Keep the Fascia Boards Dry

SnapLock brackets will guarantee adequate clearance between your gutters and fascias. The same can’t be said about traditional attachment components that press gutters directly against fascia boards.

The space between your gutters and fascia boards allows proper ventilation, which increases the evaporation rate of water. The faster the water dries, the lesser the chances of mold growth and rot.

It Allows Gutter Expansion and Contraction

Experts would tell you that even properly pitched gutters and downspouts could fail quickly when pinned in place. These units might not have enough room to expand or contract when the outside air temperature fluctuates. Even when reinforced with gutter guards, such gutters might further sag or cause leakage due to standing water.

SnapLock solves this problem by allowing the gutters to hang more freely as well as expand and contract naturally as the weather changes. In turn, expect your gutters not to buckle over time and stay properly pitched.

Learn about the rest of the anatomy of Carolina Gutter Helmet and More’s gutter system. Call us at 864-303-5955 or 972.427.4418 or fill this out for your free estimate. We serve homeowners in Tryon, NC, as well as Chapin and Spartanburg, SC.