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Picture of beautiful house

Do you think your garden looks a bit boring? You might want to plant trees and shrubs as added decoration. This screens your interior from the outside and heightens privacy.

Carolina Gutter Helmet & More, the expert in roof repair, shares some practical tips in achieving this while reducing the risk of possible damage.

Be Considerate

Getting permission from your neighbor before planting new trees is a wise idea. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to be liable for any damage your plants might cause in the future.

Maintain a Safe Distance

Plant new trees as far as you can from the house itself. Find out initially how tall the mature tree will be. Trees that demand much water, like eucalyptus, willow, and poplar, should also be planted at a safe distance. Tree roots extend to distances more than the tree’s height and take moisture from the soil, which may affect your foundation. Maintain a safe distance from your property as well and avoid planting near drains or lightweight structures.

In addition, place climbers at least three meters away from your home. When placed against the walls, these plants can cause mortar to deteriorate.

Trim Regularly

Prune trees that grow quickly. That said, ensure the trees and shrubs are watered sufficiently. If needed, Carolina Gutter Helmet & More offers gutter covers that can prevent shedding foliage from clogging your gutters.

At Carolina Gutter Helmet & More, we offer quality roof repair and replacement services from well-trained experts. We can also address possible roofing issues that may arise from nearby trees.

Trust Carolina Gutter Helmet & More, the roofing professionals! Call us now at 864-303-5955 for a free estimate. We serve clients in Columbia, Spartanburg and Greenville, SC.