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Window replacement is one of the best projects you can choose for home improvement, especially if you have old and faulty windows. Many of the problems presented by old and broken windows — poor insulation, energy wastage, excessive condensation, mold growth, etc. — are resolved by replacing the windows with new and more energy-efficient models.

The energy efficiency and longevity of your new windows, however, are not your only concern. You need someone reliable and experienced to do the installation. There are usually two ways you can end up with poorly installed windows: going full DIY (do-it-yourself) and giving the job to someone inexperienced. Homeowners typically resort to either because they think they can save a few bucks. The reality, however, is that you are more likely to end up with different problems with your new windows if they were mishandled and poorly installed, shortening their life span, so you aren’t really saving but spending more.

There are signs that will tell you if your windows had been incorrectly installed. Carolina Gutter Helmet® & More, professional installer of gutter guards and awnings, explains seven of those signs.

  1. Increase in Energy Bills – Most modern windows are built to be energy-efficient, lowering your use of energy on cooling or heating. You should enjoy this benefit with your new windows, but if your energy bills remain the same after their installation, or even get consistently worse, your new units are not doing their job. You should also check the rest of your home, though, because there might be other areas where your thermal envelope is leaking.
  2. Leaks or Water Damage – A common consequence of a bad installation is the development of leaks and the beginning of water damage even if your windows are still fairly new. This can usually be seen in peeling paint, puffy walls, and rotting wood, among other signs. Call a contractor like Carolina Gutter Helmet & More if you see any of these signs.
  3. Hard to Open – Some signs are obvious as soon as the window is installed. Your new windows should operate as smoothly as advertised. They shouldn’t be too difficult to close or open, but they shouldn’t be devoid of resistance, either, or the panels might swing about in the wind and end up with leaks.
  4. Noises – If your window is new then it shouldn’t make squeaky or crackling sounds. As a matter of fact, your windows should never develop any of those noises. Such sounds usually come from an improperly installed window so it’s best to get it fixed immediately.
  5. Gaps – If there are gaps between your frame and window sill, that’s a sign of poor installation and means that the contractor didn’t take the right measurements for your windows. This is actually pretty dangerous especially if you have children, as the glass can easily fall down and shatter.
  6. Lack of Warmth – There might be a leak, crack or poorly sealed area somewhere in your newly installed windows if drafts still enter your home, or if your heated air is leaking out too quickly.
  7. Poor Caulking – A caulk is a sealing material used to prevent leakage in your window and holds the frame’s structure together. If the caulking looks sloppy or unfinished, it means they did a poor job of installing your windows. An installer that’s in a rush (perhaps to get more