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Gutter Helmet's unique nose forward design
Gutters are an essential part of every roofing system: it prevents problems that may otherwise be caused by overflowing rainwater. Keeping the gutters clear of leaves, debris, and small animals are important to keep your gutters working in top form.

A reliable way to keep your gutters even more efficient is by investing in Gutter Helmet gutter covers in Columbia, SC.

Gutter Helmet’s Unique Nose-Forward Design

Several gutter cover designs are available, but some are more effective than others. Gutter Helmet’s own gutter protection system features a unique nose-forward design that could shed anything that may potentially clog your gutters.

Other gutter protection systems function like filters, which still collects leaves and debris that later cause rainwater to overflow. Gutter Helmet’s nose-forward configuration, on the other hand, uses surface tension – the same force that causes water to cling to the side of a drinking glass when poured – to keep rainwater freely flowing through a specially-angled slit. Everything else is pushed away by the nose-forward design away from the roofing in Greenville, SC and down to the ground.

Why You Need Gutter Helmet

Having a reliable gutter protection system makes the difference between merely covering your gutters and actually protecting it. Here are the benefits of having Gutter Helmet gutter guards.

  • Long-term savings – Gutters typically require maintenance inspections at least twice a year: one in the spring, the other in the fall, plus another after every storm. Having Gutter Helmet gutter guards reduces the maintenance frequency down to every two to three years. It also reduces the risk of gutter damage, meaning your gutters will require repairs less often.
  • It prevents potential injury – It’s tempting to clean and maintain gutters yourself. We’re probably not the first to tell you that it’s dangerous work, and likely to cause severe injuries. In addition to the less frequent maintenance stops, you likely won’t be tempted to climb the roof at all.
  • It protects your roof – While your South Carolina roof isn’t likely to get ice dams, rainwater could still overflow and soak into the roof deck. By keeping your free-flowing clog-free, overflows aren’t likely to happen. Also, the premium-engineered load-bearing bracket attaches to your eaves without using nails and preserves your roof’s woodwork.

Of you would like to know more about Gutter Helmet, or our other services such as siding in Spartanburg, SC, call Carolina Gutter Helmet and More today at 864-303-5955 or fill out our contact form for a free, no-obligation quote.