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Asphalt shingle roof

Gutter Helmet® is a premium gutter protection system that shouldn’t be installed by just anybody. To ensure it will function as expected, you must only entrust its installation to a factory-trained and certified dealer. Otherwise, workmanship errors are bound to happen and you might not get a warranty for the product.

At Carolina Gutter Helmet and More, we are the authorized dealer for Gutter Helmet in the region. We have the expertise, experience, and integrity to deliver flawless work and guarantee our gutter guards for life. Here’s how our installation process works:

Scheduling Our Initial Visit

Your project will begin with an in-home appointment with our skilled consultant. Our representative will inspect the four corners of your exterior to identify any existing issues with your gutters and downspouts. We’ll explain how the installation will affect not just your gutter system, but also the rest of your home. You don’t have to clean your gutters prior to this consultation.

Gutter Helmet may not perform as expected if your current gutters and downspouts are in bad shape, so our representative will discuss your options first. In the end, we’ll provide you a free written estimate with no strings attached.

Contemplating Your Decision

Our in-home consultation involves no obligation or pressure. The point of your appointment is to educate you about Gutter Helmet’s superior gutter protection and for us to learn about your home improvement goals. Our representative will follow up if you want to move forward.

Setting the Installation Date

When you’re ready to cover your gutters and downspouts with Gutter Helmet, we will dispatch experienced technicians to install the product. Our crew will clean, seal and correct the alignment of your gutter system if necessary. The leading roofing manufacturers approve of our installation method

you can rest assured that your roof and its warranty will be safe. Since our gutter guards are custom-fitted, the entire installation process generally takes just one day to complete. Choose the ultimate solution to have maintenance-free gutters. Contact Carolina Gutter Helmet and More today to schedule our initial visit. We’ll be happy to set your in-home appointment in Chapin or Spartanburg, SC, or Tryon, NC, at your convenience.