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Home improvement
Even with the cold weather, there are ways to keep your home cozy this winter. Investing in home improvement projects that can boost energy efficiency and comfort levels can help you and your family stay comfortable during the coldest months. Carolina Gutter Helmet and More, the premier gutter covers provider, suggests three tasks to focus on this holiday season.


Old windows tend to be less energy-efficient. They are prone to drafts when their seals begin to fail. It makes perfect sense to replace them this winter to keep indoor temperatures comfortable. Additionally, prioritizing a window replacement can help minimize utility costs.


Leaving your exterior walls bare or with failing siding, this winter can have a noticeable impact on your energy costs. Homes with siding are more energy-efficient than those without. Siding also provides extra protection and beauty to your outdoor space.


Keeping your roof in great shape is essential to the structural integrity of your home. You have to make sure that it can withstand harsh weather conditions to secure your living space in wintertime. Ask your local contractor to check the system to find out whether it needs replacement or repair.

Gutter Protection System

Even in the cold season, debris accumulation in your gutter is an issue. In fact, it’s harder to deal with dirt build-up when the temperature drops. Installing an advanced gutter protection system like Gutter Helmet® can minimize the many risks of clogging, and dramatically reduce the need for gutter cleaning.

Carolina Gutter Helmet and More has almost 20 years of experience in the industry, making us one of the premier local contractors. We offer roofing, siding, window and gutter protection services to keep your home appealing and thermally efficient. Call us at 864-303-5955 or 972.427.4418 to learn more about our products. We serve residents of Columbia, Greenville, and Spartanburg, SC, as well as other nearby locations.