Common DIY Mistakes When Installing New Gutters

Common DIY Mistakes When Installing New Gutters

Major home improvement projects, such as roofing and gutter installation are best handled by professionals. Attempting to accomplish them by yourself can risk your safety and result in significant exterior damage. Keep in mind that this job requires proper training as well as using the right tools and materials.

Here are common DIY gutter installation mistakes.

Choosing the Wrong Gutter Type

Gutters come in a wide range of materials, sizes, styles and gauges. Choosing the wrong kind can cause you a lot of headaches. Most standard residential homes have K-style aluminum gutters, which are five or six inches wide. However, if it rains a lot in your area, other gutter styles like half-round aluminum. The standard gauge is 26 but you should choose 32-gauge to be safe.

Improper Location and Pitching

Ideally, gutters are installed a few inches under the edge of the roof. If not, water will drip off the edge of the roof and underneath it.

Gutters have a slight pitch that directs water to the downspouts, which is at least one to two inches of decline for every 40 feet of length. The pitch isn’t obvious but it helps in minimizing debris and keeping your gutters clean. To ensure water doesn’t back up or overflow to your exterior, invest in gutter covers. They will prevent debris from getting into the gutters and also improve water flow.

Incorrect Spacing

Installers attach gutters to your house using a mounting system or hangers. The hangers should be spaced together carefully to give your gutters enough leverage. Improper spacing mounting or using the wrong hanger system can cause your gutters to sag.

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