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Professional repairing window

Knowing when to change your faulty windows is easy, but choosing the right products to replace them with is often the tough part. With countless options to consider, it’s entirely possible to select the wrong units if you don’t mull over your project.

To buy the right windows for your home, Carolina Gutter Helmet and More recommends these tips:

Pro-Con Window Materials

First and foremost, study the differences among frame materials. Wood, aluminum, and vinyl are traditional favorites while fiberglass and composite are gaining popularity. Each option has a particular set of qualities, offering distinctive benefits to meet unique home improvement goals. They all vary in practically every category, such as durability and cost. Some are known to be excellent insulators, while others have made a name for themselves for eliminating the burden of periodic maintenance.

At the end of the day, not one option would be perfect for all homeowners. It’s imperative for you to identify what matters to you most in order to distinguish the window material that provides the characteristics you’re looking for.

Check ENERGY STAR® and NFRC Labels

Energy efficiency is currently one of the most widespread window replacement trends, and the status quo may stay the same for the years to come. Investing in energy-saving products is practical not only in terms of reducing your utility bills but also in maintaining year-round indoor comfort.

This is why it’s a must to choose windows that meet the ENERGY STAR requirements in your region. In Greenville County, South Carolina, for example, you should buy products designed for the South-Central Climate Zone. In addition, they must bear the NFRC seal with a U-factor of 0.30 or less and an SHGC of 0.25 or less.

Select Style on a Room-By-Room Basis

Experts would advise you against picking one window style for all of your rooms. Otherwise, you might not get the kind of functionality you need in every space.

For instance, most local building codes require casement windows in upper-floor bedrooms for egress. Without other means for ventilation, it’s unwise to outfit your kitchen and bathroom with fixed glass units exclusively. Consider exterior elements too; if you have awnings, you could maximize large picture windows without dealing with potentially excessive heat gain during summer.

Window replacement may be a challenge to plan, especially for first-timers. But with Carolina Gutter Helmet and More, you have an experienced partner to guide you every step of the way. Our impressive selection of products gives you significant latitude in deciding which windows to buy. Fill out our contact form today for a free estimate. We serve Greenville and Columbia, SC.