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Fiberglass window
Your home’s windows do more than make your exterior attractive. They regulate your home’s temperature and make sure your living spaces remain comfortable all year round. And while wood-framed windows remain a staple, fiberglass is definitely the superior frame material.

Carolina Gutter Helmet and More list four benefits of fiberglass windows.

1. Fiberglass Has Low Thermal Expansion

Fiberglass windows boast low thermal expansion, allowing it to maintain its structural integrity and minimize warping or leakage. As a result, it’s considered the best, year-round frame material as its superior durability means it will continue performing well for a long time.

2. Fiberglass Resists Environmental Damage

Fiberglass has a higher resistance to environmental damage from corrosive air, such as in coastal areas, or high temperatures. This means they don’t require as much maintenance or replacement compared to other materials. In these areas, this type of window replacement is a clear winner.

3. Fiberglass Is the Superior Insulator

When you compare it to aluminum and other U-factor materials, fiberglass offers 89% more insulation. Natural insulation is very important, especially now that winter’s just around the corner, as it can help you reduce the money you spend on artificially heating your home.

4. Superior Impact Resistance

Finally, fiberglass boasts superior impact resistance, even when the impact happens in sub-zero temperatures. It also boasts a superior strength-to-weight ratio, making it the ideal window material for large window openings.

California Gutter Helmet and More can help you pick the right window and awnings and make sure they remain in good condition throughout the year. Call us at 864-303-5955 for more information on our services. We serve residents of Greenville and Columbia, SC.